Leadership beyond the pandemic — The new vulnerable segment: Professionals

The pandemic has exposed new vulnerabilities in our economies and society. The stable society and growing economies have created a buoyant entrepreneurial population that fueled the progress. Now, the new reality of the pandemic has exposed certain parts of our society.

Highly educated, highly skilled individuals who were employed in big companies in specialized work — who were the prosperous and buoyant component of the society and economy are now exposed to the economic downturn.

The pandemic has trained companies and the people to work in a new normal. In the new normal re-building of the economy will be-

- fueled by small companies, scale-ups, and startups

- accelerated by using modern technologies of solving present-day challenges

- and limited by the willingness of investors and guardians of government aid programs to support small companies

What does it mean, using new technologies in the new normal?

In ArtesFAST we believe that part of the answer is the gig economy.

The future of work needs to be independent of the sources of present vulnerability — the monthly rhythm of paychecks and the related cyclic payments resulting from employment. What if people can engage with multiple employers to work on activities that need their specific skills? What if they get paid for the tasks, not for the time? What if they work for companies around the globe remotely?

The future is yet to be seen, but all the tools for building a more resilient society and economy are existing. Gig-Experts, on-demand resourcing for high-level skills, and Lego-organization will pave the way to a pandemic-proof economy.

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