Leadership beyond the pandemic — Hack the Uncertainty

COVID-19 gave us unprecedented feelings of uncertainty. The exceptional situations during the spike of the pandemic has become the new normal. Business uncertainties are now starting to be converted to unemployment of millions of people. How can a person with knowledge and expertise in his/her domain of work stay relevant and build a higher level of self-reliance beyond the pandemic?

The pandemic will bring end of many aspects of long-term employment. Expertise on demand will be a way forward for many companies — particularly the small and medium sized companies, scale-ups and startups. Businesses will have a core organization to safeguard critical competences and plug in capabilities as lego blocks, needed to bring their proposition to success.

This requires change in perspective from the business leadership as well as the experts.

The change in the perspective of the business leadership is from building an organization based on a critical elements of the proposition to building an organization based on critical expertise needed for the differentiating proposition. This essential hack will enable minimizing the fixed cost burden on the business and opens up more possibilities to scale the growth sustainably.

The change in the perspective of the experts is from building a career with one company to building of expertise through a wide variety of assignments and becoming an influencer. This hack will enable the experts to build, nurture and shape the developments in their field of expertise and thus the choices available for the businesses to realize the goals.

The future is yet to be seen, but all the tools for building a more resilient society and economy are existing. Gig-Experts, on-demand resourcing for high-level skills, and Lego-organization will pave the way to a pandemic-proof economy.

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