Leadership beyond the pandemic — Hack the growth limiters

The pandemic has exposed new vulnerabilities for experts. Being dependent on one employer can easily result in unemployment during the pandemic or such economic uncertainties. It is time to break this dependency and see new opportunities for growth.

Experts who have developed expertise in technical fields and operations are vulnerable as a result of the pressure on the bottom line — particularly the big corporations. Once unemployed, they find themselves too expensive for the small companies, scale-ups, and startups on a full time or interim basis.

These small companies, scale-ups, and startups, which are working on high-tech projects still have a need for their expertise. So, supply and demand are existing.

How to solve the supply and demand problem, reduce dependency, and find new opportunities for growth?

A significant part of the solution is the gig economy — where the experts are the gig-Tech-Workers and the companies would be doing “on-demand resourcing” for their projects and initiatives.

The experts engage with multiple small companies for delivering the tasks using their expertise — which builds their expertise to a higher level, which in turn makes them influencers in their field of expertise. Small companies can afford to pay for the task — the value of the task in parity with the worth of the effort delivered by the expert. In this paradigm, the engagement is a win-win.

The future is yet to be seen, but all the tools for building a more resilient society and economy are existing. Gig-Experts, on-demand resourcing for high-level skills, and Lego-organization will pave the way to a pandemic-proof economy.

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