And can Artificial Intelligence play a role in helping or hindering this?

It’s no secret that some people will get more opportunities in the job market than others. Not because they’re more qualified, but simply because they remind the one who’s making the hiring decision of him or herself. Looking and sounding ‘familiar’ can get you far in life.

So what do you do when you — according to these standards — are perceived as different? When you’re more than qualified to do the job, but don’t have the same background, gender or other unrelated characteristics in common with your potential boss or team?

Unfortunately for many people who are currently looking…

Eliminating bias with artificial intelligence

Engineering is no longer a man’s world. When we look at leadership positions, there are more female leaders today than there were 20 years ago. And yet, we still see too many female engineers choose a different career path after facing too many difficulties along the way.

Root causes inequality

Fortunately, not everyone is willing to accept this reality. Recently I had an hour-long conversation with an ambitious female engineer about what’s causing these women to leave the profession they’ve worked hard for and struggled to build. While I enjoyed speaking to her and value all the work she’s doing, it also left…

COVID-19 gave us unprecedented feelings of uncertainty. The exceptional situations during the spike of the pandemic has become the new normal. Business uncertainties are now starting to be converted to unemployment of millions of people. How can a person with knowledge and expertise in his/her domain of work stay relevant and build a higher level of self-reliance beyond the pandemic?

The pandemic will bring end of many aspects of long-term employment. Expertise on demand will be a way forward for many companies — particularly the small and medium sized companies, scale-ups and startups. …

The pandemic has exposed new vulnerabilities for experts. Being dependent on one employer can easily result in unemployment during the pandemic or such economic uncertainties. It is time to break this dependency and see new opportunities for growth.

Experts who have developed expertise in technical fields and operations are vulnerable as a result of the pressure on the bottom line — particularly the big corporations. Once unemployed, they find themselves too expensive for the small companies, scale-ups, and startups on a full time or interim basis.

These small companies, scale-ups, and startups, which are working on high-tech projects still have…

The pandemic has exposed new vulnerabilities in our economies and society. The stable society and growing economies have created a buoyant entrepreneurial population that fueled the progress. Now, the new reality of the pandemic has exposed certain parts of our society.

Highly educated, highly skilled individuals who were employed in big companies in specialized work — who were the prosperous and buoyant component of the society and economy are now exposed to the economic downturn.

The pandemic has trained companies and the people to work in a new normal. In the new normal re-building of the economy will be-

The pandemic has changed our ways of working and living. What does this mean to the small companies — Small and Medium-sized enterprises, scale-ups, and startups in the technology and engineering sector?

The economic turbulence will affect the most vulnerable in their present state. However, there is a tremendous opportunity for them if they can be prudent in their planning of weathering this trying period.

The pandemic is educating the companies and people of new ways of getting things done. The “new normal” will be a combination of these new learning from the pandemic period –

- remote working, for…

Engineering and functional experts are different from the rest of the workforce. Engineering and functional experts tend to remain anonymous beyond their functional domain. They may seem to be unprepared for the change or being “stuck” with their technical ideology at challenging times.

While working with some of the finest engineers and functional experts in companies like Microsoft, Panasonic, Philips, etc., I have learned that their leadership traits are well established within their domain of expertise, not outside their domain of expertise.

Here is the major divergent point — the functional experts are often not the best marketers of themselves…

I am an engineer, I am good at what I do. I was working in a large MNC where I am responsible for a complex engineering project. Now, due to the pandemic, my project is nearly stopped. My team and I can do certain activities remotely, but the progress of the project is seriously hampered, and the company will incur serious losses. Most likely we will be the beneficiary of the unemployment benefits.

What is expected of technical experts, engineers and operations experts here? Are they expected to wait for leadership from the employer? …


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